Gathering of Nations – 2013

First and foremost, I want to thank all those who came out to support each other.  I felt very happy to see my brothers and sisters from every walk of life coming together this past weekend for a celebration of culture, history, future, and indigenousness. With that said, I wanna add, I had a blast!!  To all my new homies out there, thanks for your welcoming smiles, your laughter, and overall kindness. Here are a couple pictures from this past weekend: 262408_812358460626_548077494_n 262533_812318301106_1946671747_n 384431_812238141746_1962331410_n 484461_374161142692445_897679734_n 524781_597058553645445_159263661_n 943092_597059736978660_880251153_n 486711_812111370796_1565594791_n